“I had one session with Derryn to stop taking sugar in my tea. The next day I found it easy and surprising that I no longer wanted to add 3 cubes of sugar to my tea! It has been 8 years since then and I still don’t want sugar in tea!”


“I wanted to eat less sweet things as it had got out of control and the weight was piling on. I knew I needed to change my diet. This therapy helped me do that by taking all the cravings away. I lost 7kg over a year.”


“My niece had 3 sessions with Derryn because she found concentration and motivation very hard in her school work. The first week her concentration had improved and she worked by herself on a Maths question. Since then she has started reading a lot and become a bookworm.”



Derryn has been such an anchor for me in life, at a time when I really needed one! She has such a relaxing aura of calm. I’m always amazed at the wide range of experience and techniques which she has. I like that each session can be fluid and that she adapts what we learn or discuss based on what I need at that time, or where the conversation takes us. What I learn from her is empowering, uplifting, and really really useful!


“The technique and practice of QEC and the compassion of Derryn is so uplifting I feel so much gratitude to be able to work with her. I have done countless therapies over the years working on trauma and other issues and nothing has been as effective as QEC.

I have completely new beliefs and they are embodied. Sometimes I catch my self with words that no longer ring true and I realise this is due to the work we have done in QEC.

The trauma free experience of QEC makes me excited to work on deeper issues and trauma related patterns. I feel empowered creating new beliefs and I feel I have a positive, healthy connection with Derryn.

Sadly with alot of professionals in the past I’ve felt like a number on their client list but Derryn makes me feel safe, seen, heard and understood. I’ve never felt so safe in a professional connection.

Her dedication to her work and her compassion and kindness is inspiring. I am eternally grateful. I would recommend QEC to anyone with deep trauma and limiting beliefs.”


Derryn has a soft and calm voice which helped me to relax and focus. She is very good listener and really easy to talk to. She is asking you the right questions so actually YOU find answers by yourself to the things that you were confused about before. She never patronizes. At the end of each session she tells you the summary so we don’t miss anything out or misunderstand each other.

The coaching made me calmer person. When I decide to do something in my life now, I’m not trying to jump to the end. I can see that there are lots of steps in between and calming myself and making a realistic plan in my head.

A.H., Turkey

I set out to achieve long term goals of being able to pursue a career and a life according to my values.

I learned the value of setting measurable goals on a regular basis…this has enabled me to accomplish a lot of things and really begin to progress in my professional life.

This experience will continue to support me in the sense that I now have the habit of regular setting goals and reviewing and modifying them as needed. This is one of the keys to success in life.

The coaching has helped me immensely and the support and feedback has been invaluable to me.

W.J., Canada

“Derryn’s TRE® Groups have helped me to relax, get more grounded and in touch with the body. After just two sessions I understand a lot more about the tension we hold in our bodies and how we can release it correctly. I have personally felt looser, relaxed and at peace after sessions. Derryn will take you through it slowly at your own pace and be there for support along the way.” H.A.


“It feels incredible to have found such a practice. The body just knows what to do. It feels very empowering, liberating and authentically mine.” G.A.

TRE® Trauma and Tension Release Exercises - What clients have to say

I only wanted to give up taking sugar in my tea – and I did it with Derryn’s help. It is 6 years now and I never think about putting sugar in my tea anymore. My skin is better and I am sure my teeth have too!


Whenever I tried to quit carbs and sugary foods to lose weight I felt tired and light-headed and it would get really tough when I was out with friends and on holiday. With Derryn’s bio-resonance therapy and life coaching support I have made changes really quite easily, and it didn’t feel like I was missing out. It has required me to re-think my food choices but I have done that. It has been relatively easy not to eat starchy, sugary foods. I just don’t crave them and if I do try them, they don’t taste the same anymore. Now I can taste them for what they really are – sugary, over-processed and unhealthy. I have lost on average 1-1.5kg a week and a total of 10 kilos, although some weeks my weight has remained steady. Even my sleep is better! When I have found things difficult, Derryn has helped me to get back on track. She is supportive and motivating. I know I won’t go back to eating the way I used to and I have so much more energy now. But if I do I can come back to Derryn and work with her again.


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