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The Clearing began with Life Coaching for transformational change and better self knowledge and developed to include complementary approaches for our 21st century issues.

The Clearing offers a number of services and some may suit your needs better than others. Take a look below and see what you are drawn to. 

Contact me for more information or to book a session. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Quantum Energy and Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps you focus on the things you want to achieve and work out how best to get there. We look at values, work-life balance, strengths and weaknesses. We work with things that block you. We can also go deeper exploring what generally gets pushed aside.

Life Coaching helps you identify the core issue, find creative solutions that work for you and get clear on your motivation and drive to achieve the changes you desire. Regular sessions help you stay on track and monitor changes.

Working with a Life Coach has the potential to be a profound learning experience. Be sure to take time when choosing your Life Coach and find the right match for you.

I also offer Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) in which we focuses on healing from past wounds, negative beliefs and trauma using a gentle, transformational process create deep shifts and change.

Explore below the surface...

At the Clearing we go deeper with clients as this is where the real transformations occur. We are all far more complex and connected than we realise, and exploring some of this in life coaching can lead to insights and changes that lighten your life.

Working with a life coach can be quite demanding – the agenda and responsibility lies with the client. As your coach I bring a dedicated ear and attention to whatever we agree to work on in order to support you making the best of our time together. I will keep us on track and tell you what I am noticing as we go through the work together. It is your choice what we work on and how deep we go.

Group Life Coaching...

The Clearing Group Life Coaching is focused around topics that each individual works on for themselves whilst having the group support and wisdom to learn from. Group work can be powerful work, and supports our natural instinct to be and learn with and from others.

 ‘Life Coaching is about learning – learning more about life and about yourself.









Neo Resonance Therapy

A jump start to a healthier you!

Did you know that resisting cravings uses up a lot of energy? We work with NeoWellness bio-resonance therapy which was developed to make it easier and quicker for you to quit: cigarettes or drugs, alcohol, and even carbs & sugar!

NeoWellness bioresonance Therapy supports the body in detoxing from the cravings quickly. Clients say they feel lighter and more joy after this therapy. We personalise each session to fit your individual needs and life style.

Our bioresonance sessions...

last approximately an hour. The device, which works on baby C batteries, gives and receives ultra-fine electro-magnetic frequencies according to your particular needs and the thing you want to quit. You receive the therapy signal via hand and foot electrodes, whilst the device also reads ‘information’ from a head band electrode. 

1-3 sessions

are usually needed cravings. For more deep-rooted cravings further support sessions are available. To date no side effects have been found from bioresonance therapy. We use German manufactured devices ( ) and specialised software, based on 10 years of experience and research. ( )



Freedom from cravings







Remove Blocked Energy of Emotions (H.S.E)

Release fears, phobias, anxieties, sadness, grief, anger, shame, guilt, and more.

Experience your body  and your emotions in a different way! Connect with yourself  at a deeper level. Discover how you hold onto the sensations of emotions in and around your body. Learn how to be present with these energies and gently release their influence by learning how to feel them fully without overwhelm. A cathartic process.


Release emotional energies


Body awareness


Learn new techniques


Natural processes




Clarity and Lightness



Clear Beliefs Process

Uncover your beliefs around core aspects of your life and self that may be keeping you stuck. Discover which beliefs are blocking you. Learn how to remove them at the roots. Journey through a creative visualisation process in the imaginal realm.

This process guides you to release old beliefs and create new ones that empower you. It is deeply relaxing and transformational work.


Remove limiting beliefs


Creative visualisation


Imaginal realm


Create empowering beliefs


Deeply relaxing

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.)

The Tension and Trauma Release Process founded and developed by David Berceli is a way of harnessing the body’s natural ability to release deep held tension and bring aliveness back to the body. It harnesses our natural ability to release tension from trauma and shocks and to restore balance.

T.R.E. can become your self-care practice to maintain wellness and balance.

I teach you to safely experience and practise T.R.E. for yourself. Outcomes client reported: more calm, less pain, more connection with self, less anxiety, more resilience, more energy, better sleep.


Tension release


Natural process


Releasing chronic stress







Events & Other

You get to choose! Some clients access our services online as 1 to 1 sessions, others in person. Some prefer groups online and (when we can again) others like to learn in small groups.

The main purpose is to support your transformation and teach you  natural ways to improve health and well-being. 

We love working in groups! Groups bring a special bonus to the experience and take-away. Working in groups  can bring out group wisdom and shared learning for participants, speeding up the process even more.

Group work makes The Clearing services available to a wider audience. 

In Addition: Past, Present and Future

  • Small groups
  • Online
  • Workshops
  • Retreats – mini, weekend and 1 week
  • Webinars/seminars
  • Training

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Please reach out with any questions, I’m more than happy to explain the services I offer in more detail. It’s been an incredible journey of learning for me, when I could not get the answers and solutions in main stream medicine, I began to explore complementary and alternative ways to heal and these may be of greater benefit you. 

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