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Isn’t it about time we had some new technologies for health and well-being? 

Well we do! 

Please read on….

Quantum Energy Coaching

In Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) we combine the power of human connection with a mindbody process based in neuroscience in order to heal from past issues that are affecting you today.

Our past experiences form us. From the very beginning we are influenced by people and events around us. Unresolved stress is stored in the mind-body. QEC is a tool to enable healing from part trauma and stress to build resilience for today and the future. Available both online and in person.

A clients reflections after the first session: “I am feeling deeply in tune with myself after just one session! The effects are incredibly powerful. I felt held in the relationship with Derryn guiding me. She sees me and I feel safe. ” S.B.

Explore below the surface...

At the Clearing we go deeper with clients as this is where the real transformations occur. We are all far more complex and connected than we realise, and exploring some of this in life coaching can lead to insights and changes that lighten your life.

Working with a life coach can be quite demanding – the agenda and responsibility lies with the client. As your coach I bring a dedicated ear and attention to whatever we agree to work on in order to support you making the best of our time together. I will keep us on track and tell you what I am noticing as we go through the work together. It is your choice what we work on and how deep we go.

Group Life Coaching...

The Clearing Group Life Coaching is focused around topics that each individual works on for themselves whilst having the group support and wisdom to learn from. Group work can be powerful work, and supports our natural instinct to be and learn with and from others.

 ‘Life Coaching is about learning – learning more about life and about yourself.








global reach

NeoWellness Resonance Therapy

Do you want to give up cigarettes, alcohol, sugary & startchy foods or drugs?

Do you wish giving up could be easier and stress free?

With NeoWellness resonance therapy giving up is easier and quicker. This specialised therapy is tailored to your needs and your body so that you can give up now without the stress.

NeoWellness resonance therapy supports your body to detox whilst reducing cravings often to zero. Be free of addictions and start rebuilding your life with freedom!

In person only.

NeoWellness resonance ...

last approximately an hour. The device, which works on baby C batteries, gives and receives ultra-fine electro-magnetic frequencies according to your particular needs and the thing you want to quit. You receive the therapy signal via hand and foot electrodes, whilst the device also reads ‘information’ from a head band electrode. 

1, 3, 6, or 8 sessions

are usually needed cravings. For more deep-rooted cravings further support sessions are available. To date no side effects have been found from bioresonance therapy. We use German manufactured devices ( ) and specialised software, based on 10 years of experience and research. ( )

Get free of cravings



quick results




long term


Release Blocked Emotions from the Past

Release fears, phobias, anxieties, sadness, grief, anger, shame, guilt, and more.

Experience your body  and your emotions in a different way! Discover how and where you hold onto emotions from your past and how to be present with these energies and gently release them … for good! 

Online and in person.


Release emotional energies


Body awareness


Learn new techniques


Natural processes




Clarity and Lightness


Guided and Safe

Clear Beliefs Process

Do you feel trapped by self-limiting beliefs?

Do you want to be free from triggers from the past?

Discover which beliefs are blocking you. Learn how to remove them at the roots and journey through a creative visualisation process in the imaginal realm.

This process guides you to release old beliefs and create new ones that empower you. It is deeply relaxing and transformational work.

Online and in person.


Remove limiting beliefs


Creative visualisation


Imaginal realm


Create empowering beliefs


Deeply relaxing

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.)®


TRE® developed by David Berceli is a way of harnessing your body’s natural ability to release deep held tension and bring aliveness back to your body. With TRE® release tension, build resilience, gain calm and connection. Online and in person.

TRE® harnesses our natural ability to release tension from trauma and shocks and to restore calm, flow and balance. Severn gentle exercises culminate in initiating neurogenic tremors and movements – your body’s innate stress-response release mechanism. You are in control at all stages and your comfort level is the regulating factor.

My aim is to help you experience TRE® supported by me as your qualified TRE® practitioner and then help you gain the confidence to practise it by yourself at home. I offer monthly ‘drop-in’ TRE® groups to support you for the long term.

Come and experience TRE® for yourself at one of MY NEW IN PERSON TRE® GROUPS at Quakers Centre, Milton Keynes on Saturday mornings 9:30-11:30am, Dates: 25th Feb, 25th Mar, 29th Apr, 27th May 2023.

Contact me to book or for more details.



Release Tension




Release chronic stress




Release Trauma safely



Events & Other

My purpose is to support your transformation healing and teach you natural ways to improve your health and well-being. 

I love working with groups. Participating in a group brings out the inherent group wisdom and offers shared learning for participants, whilst providing connection and building trust.

No retreats in the calendar at present…but keep connected for updates. Contact me to talk about working with your group or people.

Past, Present and Future

  • Small groups
  • Online
  • Workshops
  • Retreats – mini, weekend and 1 week
  • Webinars & seminars
  • Training

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Please reach out with any questions, I’m more than happy to explain the services I offer in more detail. It’s been an incredible journey of learning for me, when I could not get the answers and solutions in main stream medicine, I began to explore complementary and alternative ways to heal and these may be of benefit to you too.

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