The experience of this coaching will continue to support me as I move forward as Derryn was exceptional in giving me great feedback and great questions to make me focus on the present and keep me in the moment. I will always remember fondly your compassion, calmness, and support during the session just prior to my oral exam. I am taking away a shift in perspective and a new awareness that have catapulted me past hurdles that I had before starting the coaching sessions with Derryn.

L.S., Canada

“I think Derryn is a great coach. I appreciate her firm, yet kind, approach and guidance. She helped me to narrow my (often too-big) areas of focus. She never projected judgment or frustration. She is easy to talk to and somehow makes it easy for me to find clarity in myself. I experienced Derryn’s gentle encouragement in many ways. In discussion of issues and possible solutions, she would help me find clear focus. That question still helps me to seriously consider an action and make a conscious decision versus automatically taking something more on and spreading my efforts too thin.”


Derryn has a soft and calm voice which helped me to relax and focus. She is very good listener and really easy to talk to. She is asking you the right questions so actually YOU find answers by yourself to the things that you were confused about before. She never patronizes. At the end of each session she tells you the summary so we don’t miss anything out or misunderstand each other.

The coaching made me calmer person. When I decide to do something in my life now, I’m not trying to jump to the end. I can see that there are lots of steps in between and calming myself and making a realistic plan in my head.

A.H., Turkey

I set out to achieve long term goals of being able to pursue a career and a life according to my values.

I learned the value of setting measurable goals on a regular basis…this has enabled me to accomplish a lot of things and really begin to progress in my professional life.

This experience will continue to support me in the sense that I now have the habit of regular setting goals and reviewing and modifying them as needed. This is one of the keys to success in life.

The coaching has helped me immensely and the support and feedback has been invaluable to me.

W.J., Canada

“First of all, I would like to say a really, really big thank you to my coach, Derryn. I had no experience of being coached before and was a bit unsure of the process and what to expect at the beginning- I thought a person should be able to achieve their goals on their own. The whole experience showed me how helpful it is to have regular weekly updates with someone to help you stay on track and work through difficulties.

My main goal was to lose weight through adopting more healthy eating habits. I wanted to lose 8 kgs. I was successful in achieving this goal and have also become more aware of what, when and how (that is, more slowly and mindfully) to eat to maintain the weight loss.

I also wanted to do more exercise and was successful in achieving this goal too, managing to eventually build up to walking 3 or 4 times per week for about 20-30 minutes each time.

I wanted to make some time for myself and, on the whole, was able to do this.

I took away a greater sense of confidence and an awareness of the importance of keeping the big picture (ie my main goals) in mind while at the same time being practical- ie. setting realistic, do-able steps.

I also realized the importance of support in helping you achieve goals more easily –the process of clarifying your goals and talking through the stages to help achieve them with someone else, rather than going solo, helps you to stay on course.

During the coaching process, I found out about the practice of mindfulness and as a result I have now set new goals for myself- especially trying to be more mindful and also doing regular meditation to help develop a more mindful approach to life.

It was a very positive experience and showed me that I could achieve my goals if I kept them manageable and stayed focused on them. This is a very motivating feeling and has given me confidence to adopt more goals and continue to work on (and take further) those I have already started (eg. losing more weight, continuing to do exercise, practicing my Turkish more).

Derryn was excellent in helping me to clarify my goals so that they were not vague. She didn’t impose any of her own ideas here, but through careful, probing questioning helped me to work out exactly what it was that I wanted to achieve. This helped me have a very clear sense of where I was going. She then helped me to work out how to get there- but again, not by telling me what to do, but through encouraging me to come up with alternatives and consider which alternative was better. I appreciated the fact that she was such an attentive listener, shown by her frequent back-channeling, recapping, summarizing, willingness to ask for clarification / reformulation so that she was clear on what I wanted and also to help me formulate it in my own mind.

She never told me what to do and never judged me. As a result, I felt I could be open and talk freely. I don’t usually spend so much time just talking about myself, but Derryn made me feel that she was genuinely interested in me so I never felt like a bore! Also knowing I was going to have to report back every week was an incentive to keep to my goals (it is easier to ‘cheat’ if you are not accountable to anyone). Derryn was also effective in reminding me of the big picture if I ever felt like procrastinating. At the same time, she helped me to be realistic in what I could achieve and not to be too hard on myself if I lapsed. She was always supportive, encouraging and I looked forward to our weekly sessions.

I would totally recommend coaching to people who need a ‘push’ to help them achieve change.”

L.S., Turkey

I only wanted to give up taking sugar in my tea – and I did it with Derryn’s help. It is 6 years now and I never think about putting sugar in my tea anymore. My skin is better and I am sure my teeth have too!


Whenever I tried to quit carbs and sugary foods to lose weight I felt tired and light-headed and it would get really tough when I was out with friends and on holiday. With Derryn’s bio-resonance therapy and life coaching support I have made changes really quite easily, and it didn’t feel like I was missing out. It has required me to re-think my food choices but I have done that. It has been relatively easy not to eat starchy, sugary foods. I just don’t crave them and if I do try them, they don’t taste the same anymore. Now I can taste them for what they really are – sugary, over-processed and unhealthy. I have lost on average 1-1.5kg a week and a total of 10 kilos, although some weeks my weight has remained steady. Even my sleep is better! When I have found things difficult, Derryn has helped me to get back on track. She is supportive and motivating. I know I won’t go back to eating the way I used to and I have so much more energy now. But if I do I can come back to Derryn and work with her again.


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