About Us

Our Mission...

is to empower our society with natural ways to increase well-being and remove blocks and barriers to their goals of a healthier lifestyle, on all levels.

Our Vision...

is for holistic well-being centres to be in all towns and cities throughout the UK, offering alternative ways to improve your health and well-being.

About Derryn

Derryn has a life-long passion for learning and a drive to find alternative, natural solutions to well-being and health issues. Her background is in adult education and training and more recently life coaching and bio-resonance therapy. She moved around the UK growing up and then continued to travel for work internationally. In 1984 she has a BA from Aberdeen University and an MA from Lancaster University. In 2014 returned to live in England in 2014 settling in Bletchley to be near her family. 

Derryn has been working in life coaching since 2010, and has also worked as a life coach trainer. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, and continues her professional development with local and international training and programmes.

She married and lived in Istanbul for 26 years from which time she has 3 grown up sons.  In 2014, six years after getting divorced, she moved back to England to settle in Bletchley near her father.

Derryn loves cooking and keeping fit and healthy with swimming, gym and jogging. She likes languages, knitting and being creative – especially with Turkish ‘ebru’ art, similar to ‘water marbling’.

We would love to hear from you!

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