About Me

My Mission...

is to empower people with natural ways to increase well-being and remove blocks and barriers to their goals of a happier, healthier lifestyle on all levels.

My Vision...

is for holistic well-being centres to be in all towns and cities throughout the UK, offering complementary ways to improve health and well-being.

Hi, I’m Derryn. Since 2009 I have been involved in life coaching, drawn to it serendipitously on a visit to a natural healer. I knew I needed more ways to work with clients (and myself) and I then trained in additional non-invasive ways of working with limiting and negative beliefs and later difficult or blocked emotions. I believe wholeheartedly in exploring natural solutions, whenever possible.

I have experienced over the last 10 years just how interconnected and similar our issues are. On my journey back to good health I have found natural ways to support healing, and have trained in a small number of those. It is my pleasure to offer these as my services to you.

Growing up in the UK, my family moved house a lot and so I guess I had that travel bug and after university in Aberdeen, I began traveling and teaching English as a foreign language to adults (TEFLA). I worked in Madrid, Spain and in Istanbul, Turkey and later in Bangkok, Thailand. Along. the way I studied further completing a Diploma in TEFL at the Bosphorus University, Istanbul and an MA in Linguistics for ELT at Lancaster University, England.

During the 90s, married and settled in Istanbul I gave birth to 3 healthy sons and began my new role as a mum. I loved those years with my sons and set up a small playgroup which I ran for 6 years so they could each have that social, learning environment, and so that I could have a few hours off to do some sport.

Early 2000s I set up and ran a language programme in a large school for their teachers and staff. However the difficulties in my marriage were becoming increasingly difficult to ignore and sadly we got divorced in 2008. The chronic stress I had suffered as a result of trying to keep my marriage going took its toll on my health – psychological, emotional and physical. When I could not get the answers and solutions in main stream medicine I began to explore complementary and alternative ways to heal. 

I returned to teaching and teacher training  but soon found I needed something different. Going through a divorce can really challenge and change a person in so many different ways. My life coaching journey began in 2009 with the desire to run life coaching retreats in Malta and Turkey. This was after my divorce which as one of life’s mile stone transitions offering me the opportunity of deep learning. I studied coaching online and later transistioned to become a life coach trainer with the same online academy, which I loved. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and continue to learn and develop my skills and services with local and international training programmes.

After living abroad for 30 years, I moved back to England and settled in Bletchley near my family of origin. Since 2011 I have developed my services to address limiting beliefs, emotional energy blocks, cravings and addictions, stress, tension and trauma.

On the hobby and interests front, I love cooking, learning, music, theatre, being outdoors, languages, knitting and being creative – especially with Turkish water marbling, (‘ebru’ in Turkish) 

At the end of 2020 I got a puppy, who is a source of fun and companionship in my life, but more than that, I have learnt so much from from having her in my life.

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Please reach out with any questions, I’m more than happy to explain the services I offer in more detail. It’s been an incredible journey of learning for me, when I could not get the answers and solutions in main stream medicine, I began to explore complementary and alternative ways to heal and these may be of greater benefit you. 

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