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Hi, I’m Derryn. Welcome to my website. Please explore my services – they reflect some parts of my journey to healing and improving my health and wellbeing. I have trained in natural therapies, approaches and modalities to transform your health and wellbeing. If you are seeking natural solutions and are open to alternative approaches then my my services may suit you. Please get in touch.


Be free of cravings with Neo-resonance therapy


Release blocked emotions with QEC or HSE


Change self-limiting beliefs with QEC or CBP


Release tension & build resilience with TRE®

The Clearing services


“My first session with Derryn was just brilliant. Her ability to quickly understand and connect with my situation really surprised me, she really just ‘got me’. Rather than this being the ‘warm up’ session that I thought it would be, I got so much out of the session, it was just what a needed and I have some techniques to use in my daily life. And some thinking and unpacking to do! Thank you Derryn.” A.D. (Quantum Energy Coaching)

The relationship with the e-cigs and me has changed. I didn’t believe I wouldn’t want cigarettes afterwards…but I didn’t.  And I have always smoked so this is amazing! Thank you, Derryn.” J.T. (Neowellness Resonance Therapy)


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