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Complementary ways to better health and well-being

I can help you create a healthier life style, naturally.

Underpinning The Clearing is that all parts of us are inextricably connected – mind-body-heart-spirit, and to heal and change we need to look to all parts of us.  We work with natural ways to bring about sustainable change, develop creative solutions and shift perspectives.


Quit cravings with bio-resonance therapy


Shift blocked emotions from the past


Discover and shift limiting beliefs


Learn to release tension from the body and mind

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“I think Derryn is a great coach. I appreciate her firm, yet kind, approach and guidance. She helped me to narrow my (often too-big) areas of focus. She never projected judgment or frustration. She is easy to talk to and somehow makes it easy for me to find clarity in myself. I experienced Derryn’s gentle encouragement in many ways. In discussion of issues and possible solutions, she would help me find clear focus. That question still helps me to seriously consider an action and make a conscious decision versus automatically taking something more on and spreading my efforts too thin.” 


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Please reach out with any questions, I’m more than happy to explain the services I offer in more detail. It’s been an incredible journey of learning for me, when I could not get the answers and solutions in main stream medicine, I began to explore complementary and alternative ways to heal and these may be of greater benefit you. 

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